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Opiates: Angels or demons?

The road to recovery from opioid addiction for Tim began with a set of four gold coins.

South L.A.'s man in Sacramento

Celes King III gained national stature - and political power - after bailing out civil rights protesters. Now his son is carrying on the family legacy, by using his insider status in Sacramento to push through legislation that benefits both his family and his community.

Pay to upgrade your jail stay

Staying in jail could be a nightmare, but it doesn't have to be. In Los Angeles, prisoners could choose to do their time in a much cozier space instead of the overcrowded county jail - as long as you pay.

A race against each other

Juanita Tate Elementary sits on the corner of 59th Street and Main Street, in the depths of South Los Angeles, but the school makes its presence known blocks before that intersection.

Veterans search for work among high unemployment

Veterans of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan are returning home to tackle a persistently high unemployment rate.

The starting line: Running
after Boston

In any other year, after any other Boston Marathon, the subsequent 30 days wouldn’t carry any added weight or extra meaning.

The healthy sides of South LA

South L.A. is often characterized by its “food desserts, however, in recent years changes have been made in attempt to alter this characterization. Not only has the obesity rate slightly decreased, but also there are now additional healthier restaurants and markets in the area.

Current Collecting Craze: The Downlow on Disney Vinylmation

Often compared to other trends like collecting different "Mickey Mouse ears" or pin trading, Disney Vinylmation took off once it was introduced.

Formerly incarcerated women and their children

When Nannie Wilkerson was sentenced to prison for murder, her daughter was only a year old.

FRACKING: Political debate on oil drilling in California

Fracking has sparked a contentious debate around the country that has taken root in Southern California's backyard.

Breaking South LA's cycle of teen pregnancy

South LA's teen birth rate is double the national average despite reports that teen pregnancy reached a record low in 2010.

Can you build school peace with more guns?

When the principal rushed into the classroom with two security wounds in hand, the 12 students there seemed to know what was coming.