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You can have up to a 2 line headline here

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For your Final, write a text main bar that is at least 700 words long, do one "in-their-own-words" audio slideshow (two minutes long, absolutely no narration and must have captions), one Webby element (that offers a two-minute experience) and code it onto this template (factoring the layout/design that best suits your story).

These elements can not duplicate each other... they should compliment each other and together make for a stronger package. They all must relate to your beat and located within our section of the map.

Put your elements onto this template, tweaking the code to fit your story. You will rename the title tag, headline, byline, etc. of this HTML document.

You will also create a folder (titled first initial, last name Ex: rhernandez), and name your first HTML file index.html. You will then upload your folder (rhernandez) which contains all your elements (index.html, a renamed publish_to_web, etc.) into the directory that best matches your beat. The directories are found on server, in the shared_class_site.

The file URL will be: EX:

I will be grading the overall story, the quality of the packages, the quality of the individual elements inside packages (photos, audio, editing, captions, etc.) and how everything works together. Again, the audio slideshow and other elements should not duplicate the content in the text bar.

Of course I will be also checking spelling, grammar, AP Style and general HTML code. Do not let these little mistakes kill your grade. Read the syllabus for details. TIP: Run your text through before you convert it into code.

NOTE: How do you embed a soundeslide? Go to this URL: and paste in the URL of your uploaded audio slideshow. Resize the audio slideshow to 455x375 ... you'll see that option after you click on "continue" ... it's at the bottom. After it resizes, copy-and-paste the embed code into this HTML template.

NOTE: Do NOT view source and copy/paste this code. To get this template, do a right mouse button click on this link and 'Download' or 'Save Link' as.